Freshly brewed coffee is exactly what we need to start a productive day or after a long and tiring day to restore our energy levels. Brewing a cup of coffee from the beans can feel like a tiring process but it is undoubtedly the best method that you can opt for enjoying the amazing cup of coffee. However, if you can compromise on the taste and prefer the convenience over coffee texture then you can definitely go for instant coffee or coffee pods.

Coffee beans are pocket friendly and are easily available either online or in market shelves. Single- origin coffee beans like the one we have in our store are a bit higher in price due to the unique flavor and texture of the brew.

Coffee pods are pretty expensive due to fancy packaging. These are basically capsules filled with ground coffee. These pods are used to brew the coffee just like an espresso machine. If you want to buy coffee pods you also have to invest in a machine that is compatible to the pods.

Even though coffee pods are widely available and are quick and easy to use but, the texture is not like the one that you can achieve using whole coffee beans. There is not much measurement required while making coffee from the pods unlike using coffee beans for brewing a coffee cup. Lastly, there is no cleaning up required after the brew has been prepared from the coffee pod.

The quantity of coffee in the pods is actually less than the quantity that you would normally use for a cup of coffee. Therefore, if you are using coffee pods, you are actually paying for the packaging as compared to the coffee beans where you just pay for the weight of the coffee beans.

With coffee beans, you can have a complete control on the size of the grind and the amount of coffee you want to brew at a time as compared to the coffee pods where you cannot control a number of factors.

Coffee pods are extremely terrible for the environment as it is packaged in non-recyclable plastic with a foil lid. There a few companies that have introduced the recyclable pods but, unfortunately only a few people recycle the pods. When it comes to coffee beans, the only con is that some of the people find it hard to spare five minutes in the morning for grinding and brewing the beans instead they prefer to stay in the cozy bed for those five minutes.


Coffee pods come in handy in you are looking for an easy method to brew the coffee. The quality of this coffee is not so good but there is literally no clean-up after the process and you get those extra five minutes in bed early in the morning.

Coffee beans come in action if you want a perfectly brewed coffee with an amazing taste and texture to start your day. If quality and texture is your main concern then you’d be more than happy to cut those extra minutes of bed time to grind and brew the coffee using premium quality single origin coffee beans.

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