Grind Coffee Beans Without a Grinder!!

Grind Coffee Beans Without a Grinder!!

There is nothing more satisfying than enjoying a tasty cup of Joe after grinding and brewing coffee from fresh coffee beans all by yourself!

  • Grind only if you plan to brew

You have bought fresh whole bean coffee and you have a grinder at home as well so you must get the best out of your coffee every single time. For that, grind the coffee beans right before brewing.

Undoubtedly the flavor and aroma of home-ground coffee is way better than pre-ground or instant coffee because the beans start to lose their freshness quickly once they are ground.

  • Coarse or fine grind?

Grind the beans according to your preference as taste and texture of coffee varies with the varying levels of grinding. Coarsely ground coffee beans and finely ground beans both give different taste to your coffee. When grinding the beans, grind in small pulses so you might not end up with a flour like finely ground powder.

Coarsely ground beans, around the size of crushed black pepper corns or potting soil, are good for a cold brewed coffee and French press. It results in a cleaner cup of coffee.

Medium ground beans, having sand like texture, are good for brewing coffee in drip pots.

If the beans are ground into a powder, then the coffee brewed from it may have some residual powder settled at the bottom of the cup. Many people don’t mind drinking this residue. However, if you are not a big fan of it you can surely leave behind a sip in the cup. Such finely brewed beans are used to make Turkish coffee and espresso. Filter papers folded in a cone can be used to strain this brew.

  • Grind coffee without the coffee grinder

A variety of coffee grinders are available in markets. Blade grinders are good for medium to coarse medium grind. Once the lid is closed, the blade gets activated and grinds the coffee beans. Burr mills provide uniform size of ground particles assures full aroma brew.

Don’t worry if you do not have a high end product you can still enjoy coffee from freshly ground beans. We have got a few hacks for you.

You can use a blender for a medium to medium coarse grind or a food processor for a fine to medium grind.

Mortar and pestle can be used to achieve the grind of your choice. It does require a little bit of effort but that effort is worth it.

Another coffee grinding hack includes hammer. Yes! It can be used to crush the beans as well. Place the coffee beans in a zip lock bag and place it on a sturdy surface. Keep crushing the beans till you are satisfied with the grind.

Rolling pin can be used for grinding purpose as well. Place some coffee beans in a zip lock bag and place it on a sturdy surface. Hit the rolling pin on the beans like hammer then start rolling out the beans. Keep rolling them till you are happy with the grind.

Even though the above mentioned methods might not give an even grind but these methods do come in handy to grind the beans at home so that you can enjoy the goodness of the brew made from fresh ground coffee.

Happy grinding!

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