Kuhusu sisi ~ Know us More

Kuhusu sisi ~ Know us More

  • Flavorsome coffee is what you deserve and we have got your back!

ASANTE COFFEE COMPANY always tries to bring endearment through each bean gathered with love and care from the mountains of Kenya. It makes gourmet feel fresh through every sip of our coffee. This meticulously prepared premium quality coffee, hand crafted with love, is all you need for stirring up your inspiration for a productive day.

  • Bringing all natural flavors on your table

We follow a very refined roasting process to ensure that you receive perfectly roasted beans in each bag. This process is carried out in small batches to maintain the premium quality. Our Arabica coffee beans are packed with natural flavorings with just the perfect roast which you desire.

  • From the mountains to your table tops

Our African coffee beans straight from the farms of Kenya are hand-washed and Sun Dried which are then transported to Oklahoma where they are roasted with affection in small batches.

Perfect roasting is carried out under controlled environment to ensure our signatory flavor. Our fresh beans produce rich caramel flavored frothy coffee with the notes of roasted nuts having balanced taste. You will experience remarkable flavor and exceptional taste in every cup of coffee with soothing earthy aroma and enriched creamy texture.

Since we aim to deliver freshly roasted beans so to ensure the premium quality, roasted whole beans are packed and shipped with love and care in triple layered bags for extra protection against moisture.

Place your order now and enjoy the Best Roasted Coffee Beans in Town...

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